Getting out of it what we put into it since 2019!

We've given our boys everything and then some.  I'm not sure how or when this started?   I know for sure it's happened.  My wife confirmed it for me (she's always correct).  As a result of providing everything and then more of everything,  we inadvertently removed any chance for them to learn how to work, be creative, solve problems, function as a team and replaced all that with electronic devices, video games, TV's and any other items that would make their little lives more comfortable.   We're not bad parents - we just fell asleep at the wheel for a couple minutes (maybe bad parents lol).  Our kids aren't lazy, can be creative, can solve problems and MAYBE can work together as a team?  Upon waking up, we realized we didn't have a lot of opportunities to help us correct, so we created one - it's called 4B Products and is modeled like no other business.  

We only need two things to make 4B Products work - willing engagement of the B's and your support.  The key element is your support as the B's were engaged at inception and are picking up the pace every day.  Thus far, customer support has been overwhelming.  We're somewhere between "Wow... did this just happen?" and creating an uncontrollable monster.   The experience is turning out be something much better than we envisioned.  If you wan the proof, check out our photo gallery   

The B's couldn't do this without you.  A sincere thanks from the entire crew!  

The "Crew"of Brothers: 

  • Bradley - 10 years old
  • Boe - 9 years old
  • Boomer (yes - his real name.  We were running out of good B names when he came along) - 6 years old
  • Tyler Bilyeu - 24 years old (my red headed step child)
  • The boys are engaged in every facet of the operation including sales, manufacturing, inventory, shipping, customer service and even accounting.  This is their circus - I’m just one of the performers.   
  • As a side note - The younger B's won't be doing any wood or metal cutting.  Those tasks are reserved for Tyler B or myself.  

The Transparent Format:

  • All $ number will be published.  This includes materials cost, profit, overhead etc.  Markup is transparent to the customer.  Beyond that, all monies earned per B will be tracked and visible for anyone interested in keeping up with how this is working.  
  • The B’s will be soliciting feedback - a lot of it.  They are going to learn quickly there are many options available and some will work better than others.  I don’t know everything and neither do they but when it’s all done, we will all be wiser.  I hope we survive this...

The Products:

  • There is a lot of thought, work and planning that go into each product (all 3 of them at the moment - more in the works).  These products aren't rocket science or proprietary however; they are something that the entire crew can be a part of from design to final sales.  Regardless of our product, you will find quality and pride are two key ingredients of anything we build and pass onto you.  Drop us a line if you have something that fits what we're doing.  
  • We source our materials locally.  We are fortunate to have Hilliards Hardware in our town and even more lucky that they can be competitive on the materials we purchase.  

The Money:

  • Where does your money go?   Transparency starts  here.