The Entire Premis of 4B Products

"You get out of this what you put into it"

All of the B's tasks are tracked individually and associated with each product group - but as a single individual.  As they contribute more, they get more.  Essentially, they don't get a 'pay check' but they are taking what they put into it.  This obviously isn't equal, but last time we checked - neither was life.  It's very simple for them to 'take' more - they just have to do more.   What's left of net profit after paying the B's is put back into the company for cashflow / operating and expansion purposes.  The goal is that they start to 'take' more and more in small increments... until they've taken it all.   

How it works:

Each younger "B" has two accounts.  10% of all NET profit goes into a personal account for them to use immediately (fun money).  89% of of their NET profit goes into a holding account that is available after they are 18 for school, OR - they may reinvest those funds on a 'matched basis' with the other B's back into the company.   This is a group decision that has to have all the B's agreeable - or else the money remains in holding.  Tyler manages all of his own money earned.  He can save or donate as he wants - he's all grown up.  


We purchased materials for our Big B prototypes and built 4 (with almost 0 drop/waste).  Our material cost per unit was $54.51.  Our sell price is $150.00/unit.  The boys, on this first production run, contributed differing amounts of effort and received the amount of $ reflective of that effort.  Bradley:   $4.00 dollars is available now and $35.60 was put away into his holding account and .40 is for charity.  After their nets and material costs are deducted from these 4 products,  that left $217.22 that went back into the company.  

Every product has an individual "live" balance sheet detailing out material costs, labor costs and net return per B.   Details are completely transparent and here for viewing.  This document is live and up to date at all times.  

For those that don't care for spreadsheets, formulas or fancy details:  Running total for the B's is below, based upon manufactured products:

Running total for the B's